The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

When school’s out, we like to sleep late. Ten or eleven o’clock late. The only problem (besides not being very productive) is figuring out what to eat.  Do we eat breakfast or do we eat lunch? Yes, we’ve got it tough.

I’ve pondered this and finally found a solution. (I know it’s not like solving world hunger or world peace, but I’m sharing it nonetheless.)

The best part is the toughest food critic I know, my thirteen-year-old son, says it’s the best breakfast sandwich he’s ever eaten. It starts with a toasted “everything” type of bagel. Give it a try!

Breakfast Sandwich


1 bagel (we like Thomas’ everything bagels)

1 egg

1 tablespoon milk 

1 slice of cheese

1 strip of bacon, cut in half

salt and pepper to taste

Butter both sides of the bagel and pop it in the toaster.* Then scramble an egg with a little milk (I was going for omelet, but things got messy). Salt and pepper the egg and put a slice of cheese on top while it’s still in the pan so it will melt. Top it off with a piece of cooked bacon.

(You might be thinking doesn’t McDonald’s serve something like this? Nope. They use an English muffin and a fried egg or something that looks like a fried egg.)

*Note. I’ve got a new toaster so I can do this. If you put butter in my old toaster, you had to have the fire extinguisher on hand. If necessary, toast the buttered bagel in a small fry pan.

How about you? What’s your favorite breakfast invention?

My “Aunt” Sue has an ingenious way of cooking an omlet for a crowd. It’s perfect for a slumber party or camping trip. You put an egg and all your omlet ingredients in a baggie and shake. Then you drop the baggie in a pot of boiling water. Take a look here .


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich”

  1. It’s so funny b/c we have the exact same problem in my household. My 12-yr-old thinks she needs 3 square meals a day but she doesn’t get up until lunch time!

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