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4 Cooking and Cleaning Tips to Make Life Easier

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with things that can make my life easier–things to use to make cleaning or cooking much quicker. Some of them are pretty simple, and chances are that you’ve used them for years, but because I’m a slow learner, I’ve just discovered them.

Dinner Ease

Some nights it’s too late or too hot or I’m too tired to be very useful in the kitchen. But if I already have ground beef ready to add to a meal, it makes cooking SO much easier.

About every other week, I brown 5-6 lbs of ground beef and put it into 5 different containers and freeze them. For extra flavor, cook the beef with chopped green, red, and yellow peppers and onion.

On those nights when I’m too something, I defrost the beef from one of the containers and make spaghetti, chili, tacos, burritos, cheeseburger pie, you name it!

Thanks, Jennifer, for sharing this tip with me!

I am not a big Hamburger Helper fan. It’s something about that big white oven mitt that turns me off. That and the thought of tuna helper.

But, I’ve found a product that really is pretty tasty – and oh, so quick!

Velveeta Skillet Dinners

You just add ground beef (can you say hello, frozen ground beef?) or chicken and dinner is ready in about 15-20 minutes! My family absolutely loves these! (Of course, it could have something to do with the sodium or the cheese or the sodium and cheese!)

Cleaning Ease

The household chore I hate the most is emptying the dishwasher. I think it’s because it’s one of those tasks that has to been done every day – sometimes twice a day. To avoid it, I’ve started washing more pots and pans by hand.

Enter this little scrubber. You put your detergent  in it and scrub away. The scrubber detaches so you can put it in the dishwasher or soak it in a bleach/water combination.

(Thanks, Sherelene, for this little tip!)

My life could really be much easier if I hired a cleaning lady to come once a week. But, because we live like pigs, I’d have to spend two days cleaning before I’d let her step foot in my house.

That’s why these wipes are so wonderful! Cleaning the bathrooms and the kitchen was never easier. They are a little pricey, so I stock up when there’s a buy one-get one free sale. But I figure, these wipes save me money – I can’t tell you how many clothes I’ve ruined from spray bleach splatters on my clothes when I’ve used the spray bottle and sponge technique. (Here’s a little tip – a black Sharpie pen goes along way to cover the bleach spot on any black clothing.)

Disclaimer: I have not received any financial incentives for mentioning the wipes or skillet dinners, but if Lysol or Kraft wants to send me a lifetime supply, I’d gladly accept.

Dawn Wells (aka Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island) has a You Tube video on a super simple way to peel potatoes. Check it out here. (Thanks, Mom, for sharing this!)

That Mary Ann! I knew she was the smart one! I’m sure she knew how to get off the island, but the crush she had on the Professor kept her quiet! Am I right?

If you have some ideas for making life easier, please share them!


2 thoughts on “4 Cooking and Cleaning Tips to Make Life Easier”

  1. Hi Dana,
    The Cheeseburger Pie was all I remembered it to be. Thanks again. My family loved it ….AGAIN.
    Now I have one for you. Its called Breakfast in a Bag. What fun. Line up all the ingredients you would like in an omelet, chopped peppers, mushrooms, onions, sausage or etc etc, Give everyone a quart size plastic bag with their name on it with permanent marker, Tell everyone to place their choice of fillers in bag, then add 1 ladle of eggs mixed as to scramble, seal the bag and drop in pot of boiling water , cook or 13 minutes, dump on a plate and presto you have a great tasting soft omelet and no omelet pan to scrub..
    Enjoy, .

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