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Ode to All My Children

Well, it’s really here. The last episode of All My Children will be Friday, September 23. Sure there were the occasional story line problems, ultra politically correct episodes, and unrealistic situations; but it provided a great escape for 60 minutes.  I plan to enjoy it with a Diet Coke, box of Cheese Its, and a box of tissue.

Good-bye my pal, All My Children.

So long laughs, loves, and all that sin.

Good-bye Erica, Dixie, Crystal and Tad.

Jake, Jackson – it’s makes me so sad.

Adios Opal, Ryan and selfish Greenlee,

Kendall, Zack, Jessie, and blind Angie.

You saw me through pregnancies and two babies-

I felt so normal next to all your crazies.

Running on the treadmill wasn’t a chore.

With you in the video player, I just wanted more.

I’ve watched you some 30 of your 41 years.

You made me laugh and even shed some tears.

I still remember Uncle Palmer and Aunt Phoebe.

I hope you find Babe and Angie will see.

The affairs, evil twins, dead come back to life-

Will Erica ever again be Jackson’s wife?

I heard we might soon become online friends-

But I’m hoping All My Children will rise once again!

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It’s always better to leave too early than stay too late. ~ Kathryn Joosten, actress (said when her character, Mrs. Landingham, was killed on The West Wing. From Rob Lowe’s book, Stores I Only Tell My Friends)