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My Mom Divorced my Father on my 50th birthday…Or something like that

I’ve been writing all year about turning the big 5-0 and it’s finally here.

I’m sort of in shape (from all that walk-jogging), I’ve taken a few risks by changing jobs and trying to write a novel, and I’m still blogging (although a little less these days).

I figured today would be anticlimactic since my husband invited a few friends to dinner to celebrate last night. But noooooo-

First, I woke up to a Happy Birthday email from my favorite Mexican restaurant. We go there every Friday night so getting birthday greetings from Alejandro, Jorge, and Sal was like getting one from a family member.

Then my husband shared a bit of shocking news. I hadn’t even had a cup of coffee yet.

Him: “What’s up with your mom?”

Me: “What are you talking about?” Really thinking, “why didn’t you say ‘happy birthday?’ Alejandro and his friends already have.”

Him: “She texted me. It says, “No, no, no! I can’t take this anymore!’”

Me: “Oh my gosh! She’s divorced my father on my 50th birthday!”

Him: “But, why did she text me?”

Me: “It’s my 50th birthday! Hello?”

Me: “Wait, what time did she text you?”

He looked at his phone. “10:36 last night.”

Me: “Hmmm….Downton Abbey.”

I had warned her that things were too cheery last week. I told her to prepare herself. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all those years of watching All My Children, it’s that when something seems too happy to be true, it usually isn’t. Or something like that.

So, I called her. She’s not divorcing my father. She meant to text me, not my husband. It was Downton Abbey and she’s refusing to tell me what happened. (I missed the show and will watch it right before Season 4 starts.)

So, crisis averted. I’m having birthday cake for breakfast.  And all is right birthday cakewith the world.


17 thoughts on “My Mom Divorced my Father on my 50th birthday…Or something like that”

  1. Whew, glad it was Downton Abbey. I just started watching that. Saw all Season 1 in one sitting, season 2 in 2 sittings. Glad you didn’t say what happened. I taped it last night and haven’t watched it yet. Happy Birthday!!!!


  2. Yeah, I know that feeling about missing a series. I had my 50th birthday about 30 or 40 years ago. Can’t remember and don’t keep track. But since you missed it I can fill you in on the details as best as I can remember them.
    First happy birthday.Me, I doubt I will live to see the next series and don’t know that I want to.
    Well, Thomas and Tom get married. Thomas adoptes Tom’s baby and I think he will make a good mom.
    Edith comes out of the closet and shows affection towards Anna. Anna is interested as she knows Bates has the hots for Carson but is mixed as he saw Carson kissing Robert. I watch that dateline series and it shows a lot of women killing their husbands. Probably not something to worry about unless your mom lives near a body of water.

    As always,

  3. LOL!!! Love the entry. Gotta tell ya…I didn’t believe the divorce for one second. Too cute of a couple. Glad you are having a beautiful cake! My 40th looked like an inferno! Yes, my friends did THAT too me. Enjoy being the Golden (as in perfect) Girl that you are!

  4. WOAH!!!!!!! Wait a minute!!!! I had to slam on the brakes right before reading the end of this one. Judy and I are huge Downton Abby fans and, with her being in Texas for the past week, we are looking forward to watching the recorded last episode. You almost blew it for me Darlin. As to you mom and your dad ever divorcing, I’ve known your dad to be pretty darn funny at times but never stupid.

    Keep up the good works.


  5. Omigosh, I’m late to the party. Happy birthday Dana!! The ‘divorce’ nearly gave me a heart attack.

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