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Boys and Girls are Different #41 – The Slumber Party

I am continuously amazed at how boys and girls differ. I made some new observations last week when my son had a slumber party to celebrate his 13th birthday and the end to his baseball season. My daughter, now almost 19, has had slumber parties since she was six. This was the first for my son. I like my sleep.

There were 12 boys total. After seven, does it really matter?

#1 Boys don’t call it “slumber party,” it’s a “sleep-over” or all-nighter.” The reason is because there truly is NO slumber.

#2 Whereas I can recall phrases like, “Oh, I love that!” and “I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings” and “You’re so sweet!” at my daughter’s slumber parties, the catch phrases overheard at my son’s sleep-over were a bit different.

Take for example, “Idiot!” and “You’re pathetic!” and “Shut your piehole!” and my favorite, “Necker!” Which means, you’re such an idiot I’m going to take my knuckle and drive it into your neck.

#3 The highlight of any girls’ slumber party is just having all the girls come. She likes me, she really, really likes me!

And for my son’s it was finding an unsuspecting group of boys at the park and challenging them to a football game—full tackle. Where most of the phrases in #2 could be overheard.

#4 At a girls’ slumber party the bulk of the time is spent talking, painting fingernails, talking, looking at yearbooks, talking, getting on facebook, talking…

At a my son’s sleep-over, the time was spent making teams and challenging each other to a baseball game (my son worked on the brackets for two days), then ping pong tournament, then air hockey tournament,  then breath holding tournament.  That’s when I went to sleep and was no longer privy to the tournaments. Thank goodness.

But later I heard that the losers had to drink really gross drinks (basically concoctions made from every available liquid from the basement refrigerator, without checking expiration dates) stirred with Twizzlers and poured into cupcake holders.

My learning never ends and…

when he’s 14, we get to do it all again!

Got some interesting ways that girls and boys are different? I’d love to hear them!


6 thoughts on “Boys and Girls are Different #41 – The Slumber Party”

  1. Oh yes, boys and girls are so different! My “friends” with “girls only” are not even privy to my child rearing conversations with my boy/girl parent friends. They don’t even know how to comprehend our language. Examples include- things like: I had to duct tape my boys diapers to keep them from “finger painting”stinky diaper murals on their nursery walls! My daughter would NEVER think of doing this! She was also fully potty trained day/night, #1 AND #2 in like 3 days! Boys-well, not so easy or quick even though I admit it was much easier for them to tinkle most anywhere including ouside on the car tires in parking lots and at Disney World on the bushes (we were absolutely NOT going to lose our place in line after waiting 90 minutes to ride Back to the Future)! My boys have had so many trips to the ER for broken bones and stitches I have seriously lost count! My daughter’s one and only broken bone after her first and last 10 minute ride on a scooter which is of course now forever remembered creatively in a scrap book somewhere in the too of a closet. My boys battle scars are memorialized by outlandish stories as they attempt to out-do each others daring feats which led to actual scars. Boys like to collect things like rocks and sticks and are very competitive by nature. They have a tendency to always want to be throwing something-anything from balls, or anything that resembles a ball. Including, but not limited to, sofa pillows, decorative objects from most any coffee table , fake or real friuit , etc… I think you get the point and I know you do if you have boys ! I could go on forever but the list would get long and probably pretty gross and I know you girl only moms do not have the strong stomachs as boy Moms have ! But thru it all, I’m so glad I have my kids – girls and boys! I feel I have experienced things I would never have if I only had girls I am sure I would have similar feelings if I had only boys. But as much as I love my daughter and enjoy our special relationship, there is something so sweet and special about the mother/son relationship and as they grow up it is interesting to watch that relationship change and evolve and watch them become young men. But they will always be my boys to me-even though they are taller than me. And now that they are home from college for the summer,I still find myself having to dodge a wicker ball from the coffee table and sometimes still remind them to flush the toilet!

  2. This post was perfect timing! My daughter is having a slumber party to celebrate her 12th *gulp* birthday this Friday. She had one when she turned 8 and invited 8 (& they all came *another gulp*). I didn’t think I’d ever let her do it again but I must be a sucker for punishment;)

  3. And don’t forget about the SMELL!!! Nothing like walking into a room where several sweaty boys have been hanging out. Oh the joys of boys! 🙂

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